"...When he had failed to find [wonder and mystery] in things whose laws are known and measurable, they told him he lacked imagination, and was immature because he preferred dream-illusions to the illusions of our physical creation." -HP Lovecraft, The Silver Key

“I am frequently frustrated by the prevailing myth of photography as a form of truth. My imagery consists of lies and fictions, sometimes depicting the misconceptions we develop about relationships, and other times crafting works that are wholly fiction for the sake of fiction. Perhaps it can be said that there are subtler truths to be found in the sweet desolation of children’s playgrounds at night, and maybe I successfully connect to something universal in those soft, sensual nudes which depict women in ways we’re taught not to look for. At a minimum, my photography usually revels in the masks we wear, and so the only truth you can find in my images are the kind heard when we shout our lies from bell towers and roof tops.”

Amul's home base is in Chicago, but he is frequently on the road. He discovered photography in 2003 through a bizarre series of miscommunications which left him the heir to a stranger’s 70-year obsession with light and film. It has now become Amul’s addiction as well: he has exhibited his fine art erotic images internationally and can be found at street fairs, art festivals and science-fiction/fantasy conventions around the world. He shares his small apartment in Andersonville with his computer, Chapati, and his two cameras, Margo and Jennifer.